Ella's Journey Part Two: The Rose Story“Ella’s Journey Part 2 The Rose Story: An Amazing Tale of Love, Loss and Hope” is a true story of miracles, angels, true love, and devastating loss. But it doesn’t end there. It moves on to find the hope, joy and peace that awaits each one of us. “Ella’s Journey Part Two” speaks of what happens to every soul as it prepares to leaves this world. It is the story of how love triumphs over every difficulty, how struggles between parents and children turned to peace and how our pets become our angels. Ms. Ackerman’s story has been a most amazing one, but it is also about all of our journeys as we search for the meaning and beauty in life.

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Ella's Journey

“Ella’s Journey from Sadness to Hope, Part 1” is the story of Ella Rose, who has lost her entire family to death in twelve months. She travels the entire East Coast, from Florida to Maine, in search of answers to her questions about life and death and how to begin again. In her travels, she meets an amazing array of friends, who help her find her answers. It is a journey of discovery, faith, and healing.

The author illustrated every page of her book with photographs she took of Lancaster, Mount Prospect, and Mount Sugarloaf in New Hampshire, and the ocean coasts of Florida, Maine and New Hampshire.

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A Collection of Word Paintings

“A Collection of Word Paintings” by Yvonne Youst
The Purpose and Meaning of Each Season

Author, poet, artist, and composer, Yvonne Youst, has created a unique art form, the Word Painting. Combining her artistic voices, she has painted beautiful and powerfully moving scenes, using words. Her words are applied with masterful strokes.

You, the reader, will enter each scene, and experience it with all of your senses. As you enter each timeless world, you will be replenished.

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